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Emilio Juncosa, MD, FACOG

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Well-woman care revolves around the unique health needs of women. At his private practice in Pembroke Pines, Florida, Emilio Juncosa, MD, FACOG, is an expert in women’s health and truly cares about lowering disease risks, relieving symptoms, and enhancing reproductive health, general wellness, and quality of life. From exams and STD testing to menopause management and patient education, Dr. Juncosa and his skillful team provide exceptional well-woman care. Call or schedule an appointment online today.

Well Woman Care Q & A

What is involved in well-woman care?

Well-woman care is integral to helping women maintain the health of their pelvic and reproductive organs. Well-woman care is centered around preventive care and treating gynecologic conditions and health concerns that commonly or specifically affect women.

Well-woman care can involve several valuable, personalized services, such as:

  • Sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing and treatment
  • Menopause management
  • Pap smears to screen for cervical cancer
  • Mammograms and clinical breast exams
  • Annual exams
  • Family planning, including contraception
  • Abnormal symptom diagnosis and treatment

Dr. Juncosa treats a range of gynecologic conditions, including pelvic pain, irregular or heavy bleeding, and endometriosis.

Adolescents can also benefit from well-woman care and discuss issues with menstruation, their sexuality, and any symptoms they might be experiencing. Adolescent girls won’t undergo a pelvic exam unless it’s necessary due to health concerns.

What are the benefits of well-woman care?

Well-woman care offers numerous benefits, in addition to helping you be proactive with your reproductive health and sexual wellness, and allows you the opportunity to discuss contraception and discover your available options.

Valuable screenings and tests can catch cancer in the earlier stages when it’s more treatable.

Some sexually transmitted diseases don’t present symptoms and can go unnoticed. Your well-woman care gives you the chance to undergo routine STD testing.

Your well-woman care also gives you personal one-on-one time to discuss some of your most sensitive and intimate concerns with a compassionate medical provider at Emilio Juncosa, MD, FACOG.

What can I expect with a well-woman exam?

Your annual well-woman exam is a key part of your well-woman care and includes a physical and pelvic exam. During the physical exam, your provider examines your: 

  • Mouth
  • Weight
  • Nose
  • Thyroid gland
  • Blood pressure
  • Breasts
  • Reflexes

During your clinical breast exam, your provider checks for any lumps or abnormalities in your breasts. You should also be sure you continue your breast self-checks at home to identify early signs of breast cancer. The Emilio Juncosa, MD, FACOG team gives you valuable information on how you can properly perform a breast self-check.

You may also have tests done to check for anemia, sexually transmitted diseases, and, during the pelvic exam, a Pap smear.

What happens during a pelvic exam? 

During your pelvic exam, your provider evaluates your external sexual organs and gently inserts a speculum (a special medical instrument) into your vagina to hold open the vaginal walls. This allows them to view your cervix and look for any indications of abnormalities or potential infections.

Your provider might also suggest a Pap smear where they use a tiny instrument to scrape your cervix during your pelvic exam to check for abnormalities in a small sample of your cells. Pap smears typically screen for cervical cancer.  

For top-quality well-woman care, call Emilio Juncosa, MD, FACOG or schedule online today.