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When it comes to minimally invasive surgery, gynecologist and women’s health specialist Emilio Juncosa, MD, FACOG is an expert. At his private practice in Pembroke Pines, Florida, Dr. Juncosa works with a gifted medical team who truly cares about the unique needs of women. He provides a range of effective and advanced minimally invasive surgeries for various gynecological conditions. If you’d like to learn more about minimally invasive surgery, book online, or call Emilio Juncosa, MD, FACOG today.

Minimally Invasive Surgery Q & A

What is minimally invasive surgery?

Minimally invasive surgery is an advanced alternative to conventional open surgery. This form of surgery requires few or no incisions, minimal downtime, advanced tools, instruments, and technology, and presents many other benefits when compared to traditional gynecologic surgeries.

In some cases, surgery is the right solution to improve the quality of life and treat problematic symptoms. With any surgery, you should take time to do your research and discuss the procedure in detail when you visit Emilio Juncosa, MD, FACOG so you feel more prepared and know what to expect.

What are the types of minimally invasive gynecologic surgery?

Emilio Juncosa, MD, FACOG performs several kinds of minimally invasive surgery, including: 

  • Hysteroscopic surgery
  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Vaginal surgery

Emilio Juncosa, MD, FACOG uses minimally invasive surgical techniques for diagnostic and surgical treatment of a number of gynecological conditions. The team always begins with more conservative and non-surgical treatments, but if your condition doesn’t improve with these methods, you might want to consider a minimally invasive surgery.

Which gynecological problems can minimally invasive surgery treat?

Minimally invasive surgery might be the right treatment for many common gynecological concerns, such as: 

  • Vulvar disorders
  • Endometriosis
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Heavy or abnormal bleeding
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Pelvic pain

Usually, your provider suggests minimally invasive surgery for a wide spectrum of benign conditions. Emilio Juncosa, MD, can perform minimally invasive hysterectomies to remove the uterus and treat heavy or abnormal bleeding.

What are the advantages of minimally invasive surgery?

Less invasive treatment options with advanced tools, technologies, and techniques often mean a faster recovery for you since the incisions are smaller than with traditional surgical procedures. In some cases, you might not even need an incision at all. Other benefits include:

  • Less pain
  • Little to no scarring
  • Quicker return to normal activities
  • Less blood loss
  • Lower risk of infection

You can receive some minimally invasive procedures at the office or in the hospital as an outpatient, so you won’t have to stay overnight in the hospital. Minimally invasive surgeries usually allow you to recover in the comfort of your home.  

If you’re dealing with endometriosis, painful periods and heavy bleeding, or another condition that hasn’t responded to more conservative treatments, minimally invasive surgery could be the next step. 

Your provider at Emilio Juncosa, MD, FACOG assesses your symptoms, health history, and other solutions you’ve tried and creates a highly personalized treatment plan to enhance your gynecological and reproductive health and your overall well-being. 

If the time comes and you need gynecologic surgery, rest assured the team at Emilio Juncosa, MD, FACOG are exceptionally qualified experts in the latest minimally invasive techniques. To inquire about minimally invasive gynecologic surgery, call Emilio Juncosa, MD, FACOG or click to book online.